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The integral tool to help Members States of the UNWTO to organize their trips.

Supported by UNWTO

Travel Unit 360, TU360, is a tool created by the project Touirsm Optimizer Platform (TOP), to help the travel units of the UNWTO States Members, to organize their trips and diplomatic missions.

This system is totally free for Governments and Institutions, developed with the support of the UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme.

Introducing Travel Unit 360

Features to improve your work processes

Speed up your tasks
Manage your team
Travel planning
Certified providers
Continuous monitoring
Manage your contacts
Analysis Tooling
Realtime communication

A tool for Governments

Travel Unit 360, provides a complete and comprehensive view of governments requirements, trips, providers and a broad range of functionality that governments require.

This tool allows governmental access to their trips down to the task level. This goes way beyond the planning of the trip. Trips can be broken down into activities. Activities are broken down into tasks. Unplanned actions and tasks can arise and be incorporated on the fly.

Access from everywhere

TU360 has interfaces in a variety of forms including mobile platforms. In consequence, all agents are able to interact on an on demand basis.

“Access from any device, any time and anywhere in the world”

In real-time
Planning your trip
Cloud system

Technology partnership

TU360 is designed for each travel unit for personalizing the system according to their specific requirements. Our team is available for Governments and Institutions in order to make their own customizations.

In case you need any customization, contact TOP team

Certified tourism providers

Within TOP Project, there is a detection, standardization and professionalization of tourism providers (hotels, vehicle companies, restaurants, etc.), that fulfill Governments and Institutions requirements and needs for their trips and diplomatic missions.

The aim to further assisting travel units, as TOP verify these providers, TU360 will include them in the system, allowing us to search providers depending on typology, security, location requirements, etc. This will provide a centralized management of all the trip planning in one place and accesible for all the persons who compose the travel unit work team.

We’re always willing to work for you.


Contact with Tourism Optimizer Platform to apply for an access to the tool.


A TOP agent will take care of you, take your details and invite you to receive your credentials.


You will receive an email informing you about the platform and how to obtain your credentials.


Access the credentialing platform and get your password.