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The Standard

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The normative documents that build a standard are a set of norms, experimental norms, protocols and requirements. Based on thorough analysis, these norms provide a handbook of procedures and requirements to a very wide range of governmental trips. The standard was produced with the contribution of not only subject matter experts but also experts in standardization and creation of other reference normative documents.


Based on the experience of VWE and other agencies, governments and some of the key providers in the hotel and transport industry, the standard, the norm, has been built through a major project of significant complexity using sophisticated techniques of data analytics including adjacency matrixes, atom charts, k-means, C4.5 and PageRanks amongst others.


TOP and GIWTS are extremely confident that meeting this standard and their associated requirements provides a critical guarantee on any provider ability to service repeatedly and with quality the requirements of any governmental body for their travel.


Of course, there will always be particular requirements and localization and customization needs. However, out of the massive amount of data analyzed for the standardization, there is convergence in up to 92% in procedures and requirements.

The project went live and was announced on Nov 11 2016, during the 5th Global Summit on City Tourism of the UNWTO at Luxor. Ever since then, a portfolio of assets and solutions was made available to specialized agents in the sector, from governments to providers, and of course qualified travel agencies.


Amongst those assets, the standard is the backbone of the corpus of knowledge developed which covers requirements, processes, protocols in a range of dimensions for governmental and institutional travel and tourism.

Particular attention has been paid within the standard to the processes of the events defined at a high level of detail by the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (1980) and the New York Convention on special missions (1969).


Another key dimension covered is security. Security experts have contributed in the building of the kind of requirements needed according to the type of event and
Dignitary due to travel. By no means, there is the intent of replacing special
security protocols, but to the contrary speeding up provider selection.


However, security is not the only dimension covered as to provide quality and reliable repeatable service in this special sector has other key requirements in other dimensions.


Governments, certified providers and UNWTO affiliate member agencies are also able to use them or mention them as reference whether they regulate their transactions through the online platform or not.