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The Concept

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Ever since 2015, Mr. Diego Fuentes Diaz put forward for consideration the concept of governmental travel as a sector belonging to the tourism industry that required recognition and a definition by its own. In different events of the UNWTO and media, Diego presented this concept of a specialized governmental travel and tourism sector within the tourism industry.


The University of Sevilla attributed the conceptualization of this new sector, which had not been designed previously, and its framing within the tourism industry to Mr. Diego Fuentes, who saw the need to define and address this sector of travel and tourism, promoting and standardizing the relationships among institutional clients and the different providers of this sector.


The Faculty of Tourism and Finance of the University of Seville, as an Institution; Dr. José Luis Jiménez Caballero and Dr. Francisco Serrano Domínguez as researchers within the institution itself; and by virtue of their wide research work, have contributed actively together with Mr. Diego Fuentes Díaz, CEO and President of the company TOP, in the definition and development of this new tourism concept named by Mr. Fuentes as “Governmental & Institutional Travel and Tourism”.

Mr. Diego Fuentes

Along with the academic definition and the recognition of the concept, promoted by the University of Seville and its Faculty of Tourism and Finance, the University of Seville tried to find connections among different academic entities of recognized reputation, that would promote the analysis, thoughts and contextualization of this new type of tourism concept. This endorsement has been made by the usual academic sources, with none of the experts consulted having declared against the creation of the concept.

Therefore, the definition for Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism stands as:


“Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism refer to all those trips and activities done by any representative of the different governmental institutions on a diplomatic mission and protocol action or representing their own country in the exercise of their duties”.


This definition has been completed with the following text:


“This definition allows setting process standards that will affect positively the sustainability and growth of the sector. At the same time, it will contribute to professionalization and specialization of tourism and culture providers. These activities do not exclusively include transport service, gastronomic service and accommodation; there are many activities of general nature (cultural, social, etc.) with additional activities and not only touristic, that can be done as a consequence of any governmental trip.”