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The Project

Over 2015 and 2016, VIP World Events – VWE, as a UNWTO Affiliate Member developed a research and development project to help governments in the organization of their governmental trips.


For this reason, and not related to his agency business of VWE, Diego Fuentes, VWE CEO, decided to undertake a project of wider scope and big ambition with the conviction and need of recognition within the tourism world of the governmental and institutional travel sector which has its own modus operandi and, even if it doesn’t seem so, a high degree of standardization.


TOP is the name of the project that drives both a standard and supporting platforms for agent interactions. TOP is the result of this endeavor that can be used by any agency, provider and government.


Due to its nature, this body of knowledge are now offered to any agency willing to make use of it as well as to any potential provider of governmental clients. Most importantly, governments and high level institutions are welcome to incorporate themselves and help evolve the standard.


This project has been developed within the UNWTO Affiliate Members Program.