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Endowed Chair

The University of Seville jointly with Mr Diego Fuentes Díaz have committed to continue cooperating on a continuous basis to support the development of this newly identified sector of governmental and institutional travel and tourism.


Signing ceremony of the Chair in Fitur Madrid 2017
Signing ceremony of the Chair in Fitur Madrid 2017

The University of Seville recommended designing a research program to continue to develop a corpus of knowledge and set different cooperating scenarios. For this development, an endowed chair, with professorships, has been created within the Faculty of Tourism and Finance sponsored and jointly steered by TOP that funds the endowed chair.


The endowed chair has the main purpose of promoting educational and research interdisciplinary activities connected to this new tourism concept, Governmental and Institutional Tourism, to study the reality, the dilemmas and the development of new strategies and technologies in this sector.


The endowed chair covers the following activities:

Jointly develops I+D+I activities

Aims to develop a body of knowledge, academic research and future specializations in this sector of the tourism industry

Collaboration with professionals from the different university departments in the field of governmental and high institution travel in adjacent areas of study

Promotional and informative activities around this sector and field

The results of the research of the endowed chair may be incorporated and fed back on to the updated versions of the standard.


The organization of activities, meetings or any other education related work amongst faculties, academics and scholars should be directed to the endowed chair in the University of Sevilla.