Our company inception | Tourism Optimizer Platform
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For the last decade VWE has provided services in all five continents that range
from governmental and institutional authorities (Heads of State, First Ladies,
Ministers…) to high rank officials of regional governments and city majors. This
created a reputation for VWE as a reference within the governmental specialized travel agencies.


The constant support that Diego Fuentes, VW CEO, ended up providing to many agents in the industry made him realize that in fact there is an industry by itself with its own standards that had not been defined or framed. Diego could see and tried to help in the inappropriate handling of governmental and institutional needs by many of the providers, due precisely to this lack of understanding of the requirements from such distinct clients.


Based on the experience of VWE and other agencies, governments and some of the key providers in the hotel and transport industry, the standard, the norm, was built through a major project of significant complexity using sophisticated techniques of data analytics including adjacency matrixes, atom charts, k-means, C4.5 and PageRanks amongst others.