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Introduction of GIWTA Brochure

GIWTA Brochure

Introduction of GIWTA Brochure

Governmental and Institutional World Travel Agency is the first step by the TOP Project (Tourism Optimizer Platform) to help Governments and all international tourism providers on the matter of Governmental and Institutional Tourism.

One of the agents involved within the Governmental and Institutional Tourism sector, are the agencies that already work in the organization of the trips for Governments and Institutions. Up to date, these agencies had not been regulated or recognized as specialized agencies in the organization of travel of Governments and Institutions.

GIWTA is composed by the most important certified international group of travel agencies and event planners specialized in providing specific services for Governments and Institutions on the management of their trips.

All GIWTA´s agencies are certified by “Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism Standard”.

All State members of the UNWTO, will find in GIWTA the most professional multidisciplinary team specialized in the management of their trips.

All services of GIWTA are FREE for Governments and Institutions.

Let us be part of your daily routine in the difficult but fascinating task of representing your countries in the course of your official trips.