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Who we are

UNWTO 21st General Assembly Medellín
We are not here to change anything. We are here to help you.

Ever since 2015, VIP World Events – VWE, as a UNWTO Affiliate Member developed a research and development project to help governments in the organization of their governmental trips.


For the last decade VWE has provided services in all five continents that range from governmental and institutional authorities (Heads of State, First Ladies, Ministers…) to high rank officials of regional governments and city majors. This created a reputation for VWE as a reference within the governmental specialized travel agencies.


Diego Fuentes, VWE CEO, an Affiliate Member of the UNWTO and an active partner in the world of travel agencies and international event planners, did not only partner with other members, other agencies and eventual competitors, but also been resolved queries from other agencies and providers and linked providers with buyers in many different destinations.


The constant support that Diego Fuentes ended up providing to many agents in the industry made him realize that in fact there is an industry by itself with its own standards that had not been defined or framed. Diego could see and tried to help in the inappropriate handling of governmental and institutional needs by many of the providers, due precisely to this lack of understanding of the requirements from such distinct clients.


For this reason, and not related to his agency business of VWE, Diego decided to undertake a project of wider scope and big ambition with the conviction and need of recognition within the tourism world of the governmental and institutional travel sector which has its own modus operandi and, even if it doesn’t seem so, a high degree of standardization.


TOP is the result of this endeavor that can be used by any agency, provider and government. Due to its nature, this body of knowledge is now offered to any agency willing to make use of it as well as to any potential provider of governmental clients. This project has been developed within the UNWTO Affiliate Members Program.


TOP is managed as a non for profit organization and aims to be a reference in public-private collaboration.


There is certainty that the creation of value is huge both for the governments and institutions as for the agencies and sector providers. This value is translated into not only on a more fluid and dynamic work but also on more security and transparency for the sector.


In this context, Diego Fuentes has coined the term “Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism” for this sector of the tourism industry. Both, the recognition of this sector as well as the coining of the term, have been validated by academic institutions that recognize the claim and award the recognition of this sector and concept as of new creation.


Given the apparently daunting endeavor, but with the conviction of the value driven to the sector, Diego decided to step out of VWE to dedicate his time solely to the project that came to the creation of both TOP and GIWTS.